In this ever changing times, we provide outstanding, high-level legal services in new areas.
NEXEL Partners is a law firm that always put itself in the position of client.

Since its beginning, NEXEL Partners has expanded the scope and scale from the initial focus on intellectual property rights to embrace more business-related matters. This development was made possible with attorneys-at-law and patent attorneys with diverse expertise, experience and background joining the firm.

Currently, NEXEL Partners are accumulating practices based upon the three pillars, 1. Intellectual Property, 2 Corporate, 3. Support for Startup.

In the Intellectual Property area, we provide one-stop service for all phases, from filing application and up to the exercise of rights, based on the extensive knowledge and experience of our attorneys at law and patent attorneys closely working in collaboration. We provide numerous services from filing strategic applications with a view to the enforcement of rights, including infringement lawsuits and license negotiations that maximize the interests of our clients.

In the Corporate area, we provide general corporate services such as compliance legal check of contracts and various documentation, support for shareholders’ meeting, internal control, organizational restructuring, and legal support for domestic and overseas M&A. In addition to this, we also provide various legal services, such as researching legal restrictions and communicating with each ministry of a government, according to clients’ business area. Highly-experienced attorneys-at-law in a particular area or matter provide varied legal services from preventive legal affairs to dispute settlement.

In support of Startup area, while recognizing the specific needs in each phase from incorporation of enterprise to EXIT plan (M&A and IPO), based on the know-how of our attorneys and patent attorneys, we are able to provide total service such as capital policy, formulation of financing scheme, intellectual property strategy in context of future competition, support for constructing business scheme and IPO support.

Firm’s Name
NEXEL Partners
Bar Association
Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association
August 1, 2015
03-5427-5830 (representative)
Mita-Kokusai Bldg. 22F, 1-4-28, Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073 Japan
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